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Web-Based Trust Account Management Software for Real Estate

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Because trust accounts are so important and need to be maintained properly, real estate companies need a tool specifically built to help them feel confident that they are doing things within their state guidelines. That is the goal of Trust Account Manager, a Web-based accounting software. This package provides companies with the ability to easily add new transactions, edit them, delete erroneous entries, generate important accounting reports and download back-up data.

If you are responsible for your company's trust account reports and have faced an audit, you understand that the pressure and stakes are high. Many companies concoct what they think may suffice. However, sloppy books and mismanaged funds can result in incorrect balances and possibly expose a company to litigation and/or steep governmental fines.

In addition to enabling you to manage your trust funds with simplicity, there is also a built-in function that allows you to easily email earnest money receipts!